"A" For Amazon Yanapuma Pendent

"A" For Amazon Yanapuma Pendent


Founder Megan Schoenbachler has collaborated with incredible designers of shape and mineral to forge the pure mission of Yanapuma Shop into the manifest world via this sublime pendant. 

The "A" for Amazon is a part of our Yanapuma Shop Iconography and keeps us tethered to our vision. Proceeds from this piece go directly to supporting our artisan partners in the Amazon Basin. 

It is a charm, a talisman, a symbol of support for the indigenous peoples of the Amazon who live life in harmony with and protect this diverse and magical part of our Earth home. 

Each variation of our "A" pendant is ever so slightly unique in the minting process, design combination and measures approximately 1 inch in diameter.

We currently offer 3 styles of to choose from: 

Silver | 100% Pure Silver Pendant on Oxidized Chain

Silver + Diamond | 100% Pure Silver Pendant with Tiny Black Diamond on Oxidized Chain

Brass | 100% Pure Brass Pendant on Oxidized Chain

Chains vary in oxidized color and length is approximately 18" inches

One of our elders instructed: "No matter where you come from, where you are at any moment is your home. We are one family living together on our one true home, Earth. This is our true home and we all belong here. Therefore, must take care of it and each other."


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