Wilian Chincunque

A true artist and medicine man who has traveled the world to teach and pass on his traditions.

Natalya Sevastyanova

The magic of life itself exists within nature… everywhere, it surrounds us and I create from this truth.  Even in the stone jungles of our urban lives, it’s possible to touch a piece of nature every morning with the simplicity of a ceramic mug with driftwood handle. That “pleasure ritual” of sipping coffee or tea from this vessel can become your source of inspiration by nature.

My work is a reflection of my philosophy. I cannot and do not strictly control all stages of the work, rather, I work together with the Force of Nature inside me. Through investigating this nature, I am compelled to understand myself and reflect upon my role and purpose of being.

What I enjoy the most about the firing technique is how every piece is exceptional and can never be duplicated. It is always a thrill to open the kiln and see what awaits. This has kept me motivated and excited to continually experiment with the process and materials.

I work primarily with porcelain for its suppleness, delicacy and strength. Porcelains willingness to be transformed, both in form and texture, makes it a perfect medium for exploring how incompatible objects touch and give birth to unique sculptural compositions. Using natural materials such as porcelain, along with wood, crystals and fire… I create sculptural experiences.

My goal is to inspire those who see my ceramics to look more carefully at the nature around, to discover beauty in unusual combinations. I want the viewer experiencing, even if for just a moment, its quietude, tranquility and relationship with nature.

Miguel Vilca Vargas

Miguel… aka el búho ‘the owl” was born in the colonial-era capital of Peru’s Arequipa Region and graduated from the prestigious school of arts “carlos baca flor” in 1997. He began showing in individual exhibitions almost immediately and remains one of the most spectacular South American artists alive. Today you can find him, along with his well known artisan wife, Graciela Arias promoting their “Otorongo/ Jaguar Art” in Pucallpa.

Yanapuma carries his works which reflect his indigenous roots and represent the Amazonian Shipibo community amidst whom he now resides. His delicate images offer the world an inside look at the cosmological belief systems, the myths and legends and most acclaimed; the ongoing struggle with influences from both outsiders as well as the shadows that exist within us all.

“The main character in my works is me and what surrounds me. I express human sensations, ways of thinking, moods, and things that come out of us. My paintings are like real mirrors, reflecting the true face that we sometimes deny, but that we have. My art is our inner world expressed directly onto canvas.”

My art is also critical, it stakes claim to a part of life itself. I don't try to please anyone, not even myself sometimes. What I want is to make my interior known, through my extensive artistic endeavours.

I make art, because I like it and because I feel what I am doing so I continue to present my work in places that encourage more the cultural side, the artistic side, and not the commercial one.”

Diane Neldon & Kaylyn Brians

We believe that we all have something that makes us who we are, unique individuals, one of a kind. Like us, nature has such a beauty, a beauty that draws us in. It can evoke feelings of calm, wonder and happiness, nature can even take us to a memory of a place once traveled or even another world.

"This is the vision in our artistry, to create the beauty of nature in one of a kind pieces that are designed for the one of a kind souls who encounter them. We are "Making Memories Wearable”.

Diane and Kaylyn are a mother/daughter duo from the Oregon Coast in North America who create an endless assortment of jewels to adorn oneself in the sacred essence of our natural world. These two are the "witchiest" melding of mad scientist meets jewelry artisan we have ever encountered.

They call themselves, "wanderers" and collect inspiration along the way. Additionally, they come from a long line of gatherers and maintain this ancestral art form by picking up mementos along their sojourn. Be it a rock, piece of wood or a beautiful crystal or keepsake they find, these will influence or incorporate into their art.

“Our journey has taken us on a new and winding path. We are passionate about what we do and how we create our designs and collections. So, we have made the leap of faith to follow our dreams by moving to the Pacific Northwest to create art full-time as a way of life. Our goal is to inspire and to be an inspiration to others and to ourselves as the road reveals itself one day at a time.”

Katie Nare

Katie is a beloved life long friend to Yanapuma's founder Megan Schoenbachler. Together, they traveled parts of the world most have never heard of and those early adventures paved the inspiration for their chosen paths; which once again converge.

Katie's artistic background includes university degrees and a lifetime of perfecting the craft. As a mother of three in the beauty of upper NY state, she pours intention and a celebration of human diversity into every piece created through the meditative nourishment of beading.

She has a graceful yet practical approach to empowering people and societies through her work. By interweaving the ancient with new, she transforms the simple into the sublime and literally offers more joy into the hearts of many as she serves our world, one bead at a time. Additionally, proceeds of her work benefit local and national organizations.

Her favorite materials are Bhurmese water buffalo bone, 100 million year old fossils, modern Japanese seed beads, antique Ghanaian and Togo cut beads, Italian beads from early 1900's, Greek Leather and so many varieties of warm metals you will simply melt into the richness found in every soulful object.


Amalia Ruck

Born unto the ancient land of sages & scribes, Amalia took her first steps on the historically rich soil of Israel. Raised by unconventional and free thinking parents, Amalia was supported to trust in the way her heart would lead. A colorful childhood set up her curiosity to discover and immerse herself in the rich and flavorful corners of the planet.

Her footsteps have taken her through the markets of Marrakesh & Bali, the hillsides of Switzerland & France, the storytelling streets of Egypt & Jordan, hustling Jamaica & the jungles of Central America. Eventually leading her back to Israel where love at first sight led her to her partner and father of her three exquisite children.

Amalia & her family now call Kauai, properly named ~ the garden island ~ their home. A garden of fresh vegetables, a flourishing Lilikoi vine, and an amazing China berry tree with the softest and most delicate scent front her work studio where magic is made.

A collective of inspiration from her past & the humbling beauty of the island's gifts are visually seen in the glow of her pieces.

But, the Love & the Beauty that comes from Amalia's heart as a partner, a mother, a sister, a friend is what one feels when adorned in her jewels. It is a gift handed over from her to you. An extension of her warmth which leaves you feeling held and seen. A medicine piece in its own way.

Thank you for pausing and getting to know a little more about the artist behind the work. The gracious nature of her recipients forever inspire, and for that, she is grateful to you. From Amalia's heart to yours ~ may beauty surround & blessings follow wherever you may be...........

Silvino Patiño Molina

Silvino Patiño Molina was born in Sogamoso, Boyacá, Colombia in 1978 and learned the trade of horizontal loom weaving 15 years ago, much later than he might have if not for the traditions of loom and weaving being inherently linked to the arts of women.

But grace has touched Silvino through the generations and after a lifetime of watching and learning from his mother and grandmother, he inherited the love of wool and decided to become a master weaver.

Perfecting the techniques passed down to him, he has, together with family and other local craftspeople, developed an innovative collective that is currently thriving!

Every day, Silvino is amazed to witness the transformation of the raw materials from field to loom. His pride swells with his participation and intention to maintain the traditions and represent the ancestors.

The unique designs emerge from the elementals surrounding them, water, jungle, mountain and river... Silvino and his family of weavers hand spin the wool, hand loom the fibers and incorporate plants for color dying as well as boiled accents which distinguish their work.

Every piece immortalizes the talents and efforts of a great line of artisans whose work has been invisible for many years but who can now be recognized with dignity in these unforgettable, wearable art pieces.

He believes, as do we at Yanapuma, that the future of indigenous and rural textiles is assured only as long as the new generations are aware of the value of these traditions.


Pitango’s artistry is one of a kind and as diverse and wild and awe inspiring as he is… To encounter the pure energetics of pure Earth stones embedded in healing Earth metals is a masterful union which creates harmony and wellness in one’s resonate being.

For more than 30 years he has been collaborating with fellow craftspeople he calls “friends” in the designing and forging process. Each step of the way is infused with love and every finished piece is without exaggeration a work of art. Pitango sees the world through the lens of a humble servant to the divine in all and this is sublimely reflected in every piece he creates.

Starting out this human journey in the Middle East, Pitango Trotoush of ‘Pitango Rings’ began crafting wearable art from the gems and metals of the Earth on the streets of New York. He sold his creations there for 20 years before making his way out West. His gypsy spirited soul has taken him to the far corners of the universe, trading tea and wisdom along with his jewels at every major festival and conscious event under the sun. Now residing in the Sedona desert, close to the Earth and family, he continues to push the boundaries of his craft to reinvent again and again and again.

So recognizable is his work that it’s very likely to make new friends wherever you go when you wear his pieces. Once you own a Pitango… it’s a lifelong love affair with the message behind the work, with the essence of the stones that have chosen you and the bond that is created by this very special human.

We carry an ever changing assortment of his work and if you're lucky you will collide with his work and his magic in person... transformative, to say the least!

Check back for more featured artisans soon…

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