Dearest friends and members of the Yanapuma Shadow. You are by now familiar with our work with the indigenous peoples of the Amazon and beyond. We are so excited to announce our newest partner -The Boa Foundation- for the Take Action portion of our shop's vision.

We believe, "No matter where you come from, where you are at any moment is your home. We are one family living together on our one true home, Earth. This is our true home and we all belong here. Therefore, we must take care of it and each other."

We have chosen The Boa Foundation because they work with indigenous communities worldwide to address current issues holistically, supporting both cultural and natural biodiversity, and the healing of the planet.

Since 2015 the Boa Foundation has been growing, along with its founders, the common vision we all share: to learn from indigenous people how to live in harmony with nature, to build lasting alliances, support the preservation of sovereign cultures, and amplify their message so our world can also re-learn what we simply seem to have forgotten.

Today the Boa Foundation has forged alliances with over 40 indigenous elders from all over the world and together with our support actively participate in the transformation of the planet.

By working in these ways - with indigenous communities at the forefront- we aim to preserve and protect sacred land, culture, and ancient wisdom through projects including strategic land buybacks, restoration of native ecosystems, cultural exchange, and sustainable living solutions.

Won’t you join us in taking action for the Amazon!

P.S. Gratitude to all who recently donated to the Shipibo-Conibo Covid Relief Fund... we were pleased to see many donations made. We continue to work alongside the families and artisans from that region and hope you will continue to support them through the purchase of their stunning artwork.

May you remain in health and beauty,

Mama Jaguar & Her Cubs

The U.S. Chapter of the BOA Foundation operates under the auspices of GVNG.ORG , a501c3 public benefit corporation based out of California - EIN number 81-2446261. GVNG launches legal and tax-compliant nonprofit projects in 60 seconds, and provides you with a suite of online tools to help manage your work quickly and efficiently. To learn more, please visit GVNG.COM