All events and workshops are held in our outdoor community ALDEIA behind the shop. Please dress appropriately and bring something to sit on, water + nourishment.

Sunday September 25th 4pm - 7pm
Wrken x Kanna Ceremony: A deeply felt experience

Integrating the power of plant medicine with movement, breath, and connection to bring more peace, ease, and clarity to the body, mind, and soul.

An intentional evening of education, interactive connection, and self-exploration with holistic health coach and founder of Wrken, Seve Mangrum, and Ryan Latreille of Hearthstone Collective.

Join us for an educational and felt experience based in movement meditation, embodiment practice, parasympathetic breath, and intentional use of plant medicine that will support you to go deeper into regulating your nervous system, alleviating stress and trauma from the fascial and muscular systems as well as cultivating deeper peace and compassion from heart coherence via Kanna.

  • Receive a 5ml Kanna Microdose Tincture to explore microdosing beyond the Ceremony
  • Learn more about the sacred plant Kanna
  • Discover how Microdosing empathogens can deepen your mindfulness practice; becoming a powerful part of your healing protocol
  • Understand and tap deeply into your own body's unique needs
  • Be guided through moving energy through the body with intentional movement
  • Learn to breathe in a way that eases tension and stress
  • Gain clarity through an embodiment practice that can be integrated daily
  • Music-driven experience to take you into a relaxed state


(4-4:45pm) Kanna Education with opportunity to micro-dose, led by Ryan Latreille of Hearthstone Collective

(5-7pm) Wrken Ceremony + Community Connection, led by Seve Mangrum of Wrken

Arrive 3:45pm - Begin at 4pm - Doors close at 4:10

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Please bring your own meditation cushion, yoga mat, warm clothing and/or blanket

Sunday August 28th 7:00pm
Sound Healing Meditation with Shawni of The Radiant Being
Join Shawni for a transformational Sound Meditation. As we dive into this practice, through the sound of crystal bowls, gongs, chimes, and other powerful and relaxing sounds AND through the power of our intention, we have the opportunity to expand our awareness and change deep, ingrained patterns that we are ready to shift out of.
The sounds are our allies in freeing ourselves from what no longer serves us.

"When Shawni sits among the bowls & shakers, she guides you through a journey that touches all your senses in such a delicate way it doesn't seem that a human is bathing you in these sounds. When she sings it's an angel serenading, healing and relaxing you.

"You may just forget where you are... my being was carried gently away, through layers of a vortex of nature to a healing place."

"So soft, so subtle & smooth, Shawni delivers one to Shangri-La!"

Listen on Soundcloud


Arrive 6:30pm + Activation 7:00pm


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Saturday August 27th 7:00pm
An evening of live music with Shylah Ray Sunshine & Special guests!
Join Shylah Ray Sunshine, along with fellow songbirds Bri the Light along with Heather Christie & Vir Mccoy for an engaging set of musical medicine. Catch her new single “U.N.I.verses” and a first listen to the songs set for her new album release slated Winter 2022.
Shylah is an Algonquin native of Canada, an award-nominated influential vocalist, musician, mother, and Soul Voice Singing coach.
Her musical sound and style are a blend of Neo-Soul, R&B, Blues, and Hip-hop, enrapturing audiences with her gospel-like voice, sensual tones, and ultra-moving lyrics.
Shylah's songs are rooted in radical emotional transparency, spiritual healing, empowerment, indigenous representation, equality, cultural and political change, community connection, and environmental respect.
Come join us!

Doors 6:00pm + Concert 7:00pm

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Thursday August 25th 7pm
Huni Kuin Song and Cultural Jam
Offerings of Hape, Hampaya & Sananga with Masha Huni Kuin

We are Honored to Announce Masha Huni Kuin, along with the support of Abraham Lozanobrioso and Stephanie Lallouz,
will be sharing traditional Huni Kuin chants, songs and medicines from his village of Vigilante on the headwaters of the Amazonian Humaita River in Acre, Brazil.

Masha earned the nick name "The Dalai Masha" in his time spent with us in years past from his peaceful and joyful nature. He carries the ancient lineage of the healing plants and the traditions, stories, healing and wisdom of the forest. He is supported by his ancestors and we are so grateful he has sacrificed time away from his family and village to share these with us.

Arrive 6pm + Circle begins by 7pm

Suggested donation $44 - $100 | Everyone welcome - no one turned away

Email to R.S.V.P.
See you ALL there!

Sunday August 21st 6:30pm
The Art of Dreaming: a introductory training in bi-locating and remote viewing with Jose Ajou Munoz

The average Human spends almost 26 years in the dreamtime; yet as the sun rises, it takes only a few moments for all that precious knowledge to dissolve. Reimagine tapping into the understanding of your subconscious or that of the Omniverse? What would you do with it? Simply by understanding one another's hopes and fears and dreams, this could lead to our greatest potential in connectivity?

Join world renowned Mayan teacher and healer Jose Ajou Munoz aka Seva Ramdass to learn how to transform this knowledge into wisdom to assist humanity achieve balance, unity, joy, peace and interstellar harmony.

It all begins with YOU.

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Exchange $44 via Venmo @Jose-Munoz-33

Arrive 6pm + Training Session begins 6:30pm


August 8th Live IG

To learn more and prepare for this training join @joseagoumunoz on instagram !

For further inquiry please contact José via email


Saturday August 20th 6:30pm

Celebrate & Dance + Connect with Community

Support the Children of the Rainforest

SUMMER SOCIAL CIRCLE brings together people who love the music of the Brazilian Amazon rainforest. We come together to celebrate & support our Yawanawa family. Our bond grows stronger with our Indigenous brothers & sisters of the Amazon every time we gather.

This is family friendly, no alcohol and substance free.

Activities include:

Live Haux Music

Drums & Dance

Rainforest Jewelry Market

Buddha tea station & Light Food

Our mission is to help Chief Isku Kua save the Yawanawa language from extinction. Yawanawa is critically endangered and could be lost in just two generations.

All profits from this event and the market help fund Isku Vakehuhu Center for Traditional Studies and Yawanawa Language

Isku Vakehuhu is more than a school, it is a symbol of cultural rejuvenation in the Amazon.

Join us!

Arrive 6:30pm + Celbration 7pm

Registration + Donations

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Saturday August 13th 5:30pm
Quantum Resolution: Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole...

Utilize the quantum field, meditation and hypnosis to rewire your subconscious mind

A fun, interactive self-development workshop with master formulator and owner of Native Mystic, Nissim Malul.

A workshop based in quantum meditation, quantum NLP and hypnosis that will support you to go deeper into understanding limiting beliefs, the formation of those belief systems, trauma and learn a meditation to dismantle them.

- Learn the mechanisms of the subconscious mind

- Learn the formation of our belief system

- Release limiting beliefs and destructive habits, utilizing the Quantum Field

- Learn valuable tools and distinctions to become your own therapist


- We will have live music

- Please bring your own camping chair, yoga matt, warm clothing and blanket


Arrive 5:30pm - Activation 6pm

For Tickets and Registration

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Wednesday July 20th 6:30pm
Huni Kuin Music, Wisdom and Hapé with Chief Mapu

 Join us and for an evening of cultural sharing, stories and musical medicina with Huni Kuin activist and founder Chief Mapu of the Huwa Karu Yuxibu Center.

 This Center serves 40 native families in a total of 210 people (children, adults and elderly) who are in social vulnerability in the city of Rio Branco - Acre, Brazil.

"We work for the preservation of the forest, of nature, as well as lives and wellbeing for humans. Our project is to strengthen the cultural identity of the Huni Kuin people, bringing our true origin to our identity, our people, customs, and practices through the healing of spirit, thought and matter”.

“I consider myself a messenger of peace, a messenger of love. I believe that the healing of humanity is in love… All of us human beings really need to let go of the hurt and remember the love."

Salve e o caminho da jibóia 🐍 Mapu Huni Kuin

Arrive 6:30pm - Activation 7pm

Please send a sliding scale donation between $40-$100 to on PayPal.

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Sunday July 10th 6pm
Guided Quantum Meditation with Nissim Malul

Join Nissim Malul, a passionate and wise instructor with 29 years of experience in the healing arts as well as master formulator and owner of Native Mystic, one of our most popular Apothecary lines.

This 2 hour guided healing experience is for beginners and advanced meditators. Embark on a journey with live music to support the process portion and gentle movement therapy enhanced by Lotus and Kanna tinctures. Raw, stoneground cacao served at closing.

You WILL ...
* Learn tools to become more self- reliant for resolution and integration of life.
* Activate your Pineal gland as an access bridge for the resolution of old survival patterns.
* Cultivate a relationship with the Quantum Field as a necessary ally on your path of evolution.

Arrive 5:30pm + Activation 6-8pm


Saturday July 9th 7pm
Kendal White's EP Release and Listening Party

Please join us for an intimate listening experience that is part inspirational story telling and part sound meditation.

Join us for an evening of connection, delicious elixirs and be the first to hear her new music...

Learn more on how to sign up + donate to the creation of more music HERE

Arrive 6pm + Opening circle 7pm sharp