Writable Carbon Graphite Sculptures

Writable Carbon Graphite Sculptures


It's not the pencil that draws, it is your imagination... 

Yanapuma has teamed up with an incredible artist in the West who has taken the concept of "pencil" to the next level and created pure art! 

These curio sculptures of 100% pure organic carbon (no lead) will provide lasting joy and creativity. Each specially carved graphite object can be used for writing, drawing or just as a piece of genius in any space. 

All parts of the object are usable and will not rub off onto your hands or workspace as traditional graphite does. 

Each classic writable sculpture is approximately 4-6.5 inches in length.

Our Classic Collection of graphite objects are all handmade and individually packaged in an elegant gift box with a little story about the graphite object inside. Great for personal or gifting use! 

Three Available Styles... 

The Classic Quill - brings words soaring on the spirit of prayer and protection; a symbol imbued with a spiritual and ancient guidance.

The Classic Tree Frog - is a symbol for fertility and luck in both Eastern and Western cultures, which beckons the wisdom of change and adaptation in our modern lives.

The Peace Sign - used around the world by peace and counter-culture groups; popularized in the American peace movement of the 1960s. The commonality with the symbol's use from the 1940s was its meaning the "end of war".

An object full of innocence, desire, pleasure and human potential, it invites you to access your imagination and discover its infinite possibilities.

Get one or go wild and get one of each! 

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