Weaver’s Oracle Journey Cards & Travel Guide

Weaver’s Oracle Journey Cards & Travel Guide


The Weavers’ Oracle book and 52 cards are created from thirty years of Carolyn Hillyer’s paintings, mythic tales and work with women’s archetypal mysteries.

There are 52 weavers who inhabit this oracle. Each weaver embodies a whole oracle voice so an individual encounter with her is a complete journey in itself. Beautifully printed, presented and packaged with wire bound book, cloth bag containing the cards and a fine-quality lidded storage box.

The weavers can be protectors, guides and companions to the traveling woman who chooses to enter their house.

It forms a wild alchemy of images and words that lay down original and inspiring trails into oracle lands. 

All the mythic stories and spirit images around which the oracle has been formed are rooted in high moors, cold rains and the untamed hills where she has lived and grown her work. But their reach is broad and deep; they are profoundly inspired by the wild songs of sacred land, the shadowy edges of ancestral memory and a reverence for deep mythologies that exist close to the earth. This oracle draws on the wisdom inherent in women’s journeys, as it crosses intuitive landscapes and follows the trails of cunning grandmothers, ice mothers, feral daughters and women who weave magic out of weather.

The Weavers’ Oracle is a travel guide with a map that may be useful and a set of directions that may help. It is both a landscape into which a questing woman may travel and an ancient weaving house inside which the traveller may seek sanctuary.