The Rio Ucayali is generally considered to be the main headwater tributary of the Amazon River and is approximately 2,669km/1,659mi in length from the source of the Apurímac at Nevado Mismi. Rising North of Lake Titicaca, in the Arequipa region of Peru this mighty river becomes the Amazon at the confluence of the Rio Marañón close to Nauta City and flows along the banks of the recently infamous city of Pucallpa.

Human activities in the past 1,000 years have heavily shaped the landscape of the fragile Ucayali Basin’s upper watershed. The upper watershed lies within the most visited Inca ruins of peru's Sacred Valley. These spectacular ruins of Ollantaytambo and Machu Picchu draw worldwide annual visitors in staggering numbers. 

This and several other factors such as intensive farming and animal grazing, which began with the Inca, in addition to elaborate irrigation systems, mining, deforestation and highway expansion all put this magical body of water in danger of erosion and pollution. Worse yet, numerous dams have been proposed on various tributaries but for now our indigenous groups, along with environmental organizations and lack of funding have these on hold for the moment. 

One of our favorite sightings are the pink and green Amazon river dolphin, the giant otter and the Amazonian manatee; all natives to this sacred river. 

Hanging this piece in your home will remind you of the power and divine essence of our Earthly waters and how it is up to us to protect them and the peoples who live and thrive along the glistening shores.

Color Photographic Print 12 x 18 inches

Custom size prints and framing available upon request.