Signature 28 | Luxury Scented Candle

Signature 28 | Luxury Scented Candle


All-natural coconut wax with cotton wicks candles, producing a non-toxic, clean, and high-quality burn.

This luxury premium fragrance blend seamlessly at high levels of concentration with the natural, fully biodegradable wax.

Full candle has approximately 218 hours of burn time. 

SIGNATURE 28: An OUD-ROSE damascena fragrance that can elicit positive memories and is a morning mood enhancer. The dominant floral theme is supported by an elegant oud accord highlighted by agarwood and sandalwood that is very pleasing. Available in Matte-Caviar glass.

OPENING: Bergamot, Indian Plum, Dew Kissed Leaves
HEART: Black Rose, Carnation Buds, Sensual Violet
FINISH: Vanilla Orchid, Warm Patchouli, White Oud, Musk, Amber

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