Shipibo Textiles | Embroidery Collection

Shipibo Textiles | Embroidery Collection


Yanapuma has hand selected the best of the best in ceremonial textiles which are stunning to use for home decor, altar space and beyond.

Available sizes are 60"x24" and 36"x24" inches.

Deep in the Peruvian Amazon live the Shipibo Konibo people who create unique styles of visual art that are inspired by Ayahuasca visions. In the embroidered artworks, called Kené (pronounced Kuh-nuh), these tribes make homogenous, minimal designs, composed of lines, dots, and zigzags... beautiful, yet simple.

Their traditional weave is known worldwide for it's mystic symbology and reverence for nature and the unseen spirit world. Shipibo embroidery has caught the attention of many North Americans and Europeans, and is quickly gaining popularity around the world. 

Each piece is a one of a kind hand embroidered piece from families that have been weaving their vibrations into art for generations.

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