Rare Shipibo Kené Ceramic Effigy

Rare Shipibo Kené Ceramic Effigy

$600.00 $1,000.00

Yanapuma has traveled deep and far to return with these very rare and exquisite effigy pieces especially for you.

Approximate Sizes include - 11 X 6 inches & 14 X 7 inches

One of the many reasons these pieces are so special is the precision and skill these pieces display, revealing only the finest artisan level, undoubtably the elder women. 

We have come to understand that to the Shipibo-Konibo, all which we call ‘art’, like these Kené designs, are expressions of magical entities reached by sensory means, rituals, and the use of plants. The majority of these geometric forms are related to cosmic perceptions and are expressed by figures that represent divine beings, animals, or potent portals of the natural world.

The art of Kené expresses both the symmetry and asymmetry of the cosmic order, passing from the invisible to the visible world.

Kené (meaning ‘design’, ‘enclosure’ and ‘path’,) is a type of artistic expression performed mostly by women and according to the narratives, women learned how to create their own designs by copying them from the body of a divine woman known as ‘Inka’: a concept which in their language means ‘celestial’. Another miraculous revelation to accessing the artform is when women learn to see designs in their ‘xinan,’ their thoughts. Such thoughts can be activated through dreams and visions and acquired through the ritual use of powerful plants. 

Usually, only women materialise their visions, unlike the men, by physically covering artifacts with the designs; using weaving, painting and embroidering techniques to bring the unearthly to the earthly.

It is thought that the art of designing and applying everyday objects with Kené was much more common back in the days before outside contact than it is today but the Kené is still as powerful as ever!

Not only do these patterns offer an aesthetic function but also act as an ongoing dialogue with the spiritual world; an active agent for protection and as a keeper of physical and spiritual health for you. These not only serve the purpose of ornamentation and decoration, they represent an entire communication system with plant spirits.


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