Shinan Visionary Art Oracle Deck and Book

Shinan Visionary Art Oracle Deck and Book

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Shinan is the Shipibo word for thought, vision, or third eye and seemed a fitting word to capture the imaginal, inspirational, and healing energy of the artwork featured by Shinan Visionary Arts Oracle Deck. This incredible deck is part mystic tool, part ethnobotanical flash card. The book that accompanies the deck is a wonderfully supportive teaching piece and makes a great gift for self or other. 

Each tribe has unique styles of visual art that are inspired by Ayahuasca visions. Some of the more common ways of expressing these designs is through making embroidered tapestries, weaving, body paint, ceramic pots, beaded bracelets, and necklaces. 

In the embroidered artworks, many Amazonian tribes make homogenous, minimal designs, composed of lines, dots, and zigzags... beautiful, yet simple. The embroidered patterns, made by the Shipibo tribe of the Ucayali region, boldly stand out for their magnificently complex and highly orchestrated beauty. 

Shipibo embroidery has caught the attention of many North Americans and Europeans, and is quickly gaining popularity around the world. 

Shipibo designs, called Kené (pronounced Kuh-nuh), are artistic representations of healing plant spirits. Before the famous Shipibo embroidery textiles existed, the tribe painted Kené designs on the body or on ceramic jars using Huito plant juice. They additionally paint jungle cotton robes and eventually transposed the designs into point-stitch embroidery. 


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