Reclaimed Metal Cuff | Butterfly

Reclaimed Metal Cuff | Butterfly


Forged from 100% reclaimed metals, Yanapuma is so excited to share the brilliant creations of husband-and-wife design team Ashley & Dara of Alkemie Jewelry. Their unique jewelry is equal parts art and accessory. 

In many folklores butterflies are said to represent the human soul.  They are what waits for people in the afterlife or on a journey into the unknown. If the butterfly speaks to you, let it be a reminder of the depth of your soul!

The designs reflect the balance of Mother Nature herself, so that you can harness her energy too! Made of 100% responsibly sourced repurposed materials, never mined or bringing harm to the planet.

This is a powerful cuff, that is super hot on both women & men!

All pieces are handmade in Los Angeles. Forged from 100% reclaimed metal.

This cuff is malleable, and can be formed to your wrist. One size fits most.

Available in a gold patina.