Plant Spirit Essence Collection

Plant Spirit Essence Collection


Plant Spirit Essences by master artisanal creator Mary Lane. 

These plant spirit essences are derived from a relationship between the practitioner and plant, shamanic journey to the spirit, and a reciprocal agreement for the plant spirit to offer its medicine through the medium the practitioner is providing. It is a very sacred relationship built on respect, integrity, collaboration, and love. They are not extracted essential oils.

Plant Spirits address imbalances in the spirit body, and this healing works its way through all the bodies, into the physical.

We have five Plant Spirit Essences, which one is calling you?

- Ghost Pipe: The core, deep seated pain of rejection. Ghost Pipe has the wisdom to act as a drip system infusing our hearts with the healing energy a little at a time, so it can be fully integrated, as it dissipates the discordant energy. An extraordinary plant spirit ally to support freeing us from a core wound rooted within the heart.

- Huachuma (a.k.a. San Pedro): The plant spirit essence of this sacred cactus is the wisdom of the heart. A beautiful, gentle Grandfather energy that connects you with the wisdom your heart carries, and the support to drop deeper into this wisdom, and surrender to its guidance.

- Ayahuasca: Opens pineal-pituitary: develop telepathy, clairvoyance, clairsentience. Work with diseases that impact immunological response and attitudes. Much of disease is denial; with Ayahuasca essence, one has the opportunity of understanding what the body is trying to say.

- Cannabis: The spirit of this plant is the Divine Mother energy. Feeling held by the Divine Mother during these challenging times, grounded, centered, embracing her unconditional love cannot be under estimated as we navigate the waves of transformation.

- Usnea: Lichen, combination of both fungus and algae. Usnea reunites a person's ancient being with the techno-human who has forgotten the original one-ness of all life, the sacred. It restores the intimacy between the planet and the body, restoring the recognition of both as sacred. Honoring yourself is key to honoring others.

Mary Lane has been making Plant Spirit Essences for over 25 years.

Dosage: A good general dose is 7 drops, two times a day, for 21 days.
It often takes 21 days to support an energetic shift. Pay attention to your dreams & life to inform you ofImbalance that is being addressed. Participate in journey.

Care: Keep away from EMFs, heat, cold, direct sunlight.
Shake bottle and squeeze dropper to wake it up.
If you touch the dropper, rinse it off with warm water, so it’s not contaminated.
Take prescribed dose under tongue in a clean mouth.
Do not eat or drink 15 minutes before or after.
For best results, place on your altar, and offer your gratitude for the support are are given.

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