Every nation with a long history of transportation diversity have some pretty exciting traffic conditions... but Sri Lanka stands out. 

After driving through the busy streets of the worlds most chaotic cities, I thought I was brave. Then I experienced Colombo and beyond on the famous tear shaped isle that drops below India... For those intrepid souls who want an idea of it, the first thing to remember is follow the rules. The problem is, there aren't any!

Cars, mopeds and rickshaws, along with ox carts, elephants and bicycles are all vying for space so getting around isn't easy but on the flipside, experiencing traffic in a place like Sri Lanka is one of the true joys for a wanderlust traveller like me.

This image reminds us to buckle up, hold on and keep a blindfold handy.

Color Photographic Print 12 x 18 inches

Custom size prints and framing available upon request.