Abel Natural Perfume | Green Cedar

Abel Natural Perfume | Green Cedar

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Yanapuma is honored to bring you this 100% Natural perfume, its ingredients are only sourced from nature and made with a food-grade alcohol base.

WOODY: velvety, rich wood for the visionary.

Top: magnolia, cardamom | Heart: cypriol, guaiac wood | Base: Texas and Atlas Mountain cedar.

Why it's different to most (almost all) perfume houses:

• Uses only natural ingredients, sourced from plants. Which means the perfume is also Vegan.
• Uses an organic non-denatured, food-grade grain alcohol as the base of the fragrances.
• We do not use synthetic fragrance compounds, which are derived from petrochemicals and are a non-renewable resource (not sustainable).
• There is increasing evidence of the toxic effects of wearing synthetic fragrances on your person and the environment which is why we created our products from natural organics instead of synthetics.

Long lasting | Modern

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