In north central Mongolia, in the taiga along the border with Russia, the Dukha people have lived a nomadic life for generations and their traditional costume (known as a deel) is one of the simplest and most distinctive cultural features of the Mongol people and symbolizes equal power. This and other forms are well designed for the demanding climate and environment; further expressing their social values, customs as well as distinguishes the many different ethnic groups of Mongolia through subtle design details. 

From the hat to the boots, every piece worn carries symbolic importance. The hat is the rising power, the belt success in the form of reinforcement of disintegrated things and the boots provide the base of one's pillar; a sign of stability, prosperity and ascent. 

This image reminds us of the unique support a people's chosen coverings offer to its culture and way of life. Stabilize your home with this image. 

Color Photographic Print 12 x 18 inches

Custom size prints and framing available upon request.