L&G Collection | Capri Choker

L&G Collection | Capri Choker


Distinctive | Elegant | Versatile

Jewelry that is lovingly handcrafted, intuitively designed + sustainably created with the intention to create beauty + promote well-being.

Exquisitely sacred, meaningful pieces are made with consciously-sourced gemstones + crystals that are versatile, timeless + feel wonderful to wear. 

This is the Capri Choker: Stunning Turquoise, Jasper and Pyrite create a rustic setting for the sparkling surprise of diamond to sit at the throat.

Adjustable 14-16 inches.

Each gemstone incorporated in these designs has unique healing properties which has been known to balance the mind, body and spirit. When these vibrations are amplified with Reiki, the universally guided life-force energy, the effectiveness of the stone or crystal’s healing power is elevated, offering the wearer an opportunity to experience deep healing and support including self-love, peace, protection, confidence, abundance, balance, strength and more.

Note: each piece is hand made to order so please be patient, your piece will be ready and shipped to you just as soon as possible. 

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