Kaleidoscope | Necklace

Kaleidoscope | Necklace


Yanapuma is over the moon to bring you these cosmic beams of light. From the incredible artisan Roy Cohen....each is made lovingly by hand.

The tradition of Kaleidoscope artistry create splendid and exciting reflections of the place where we come from: Different cultures, Faiths, religions, smells and tastes.

We carry one of a kind designs that range from the dainty to the divine and these tiny treasures which are made to wear around the neck come in two styles to choose from...

The Mini Kaleidoscope Necklace in Brass

The Mini Teleidoscope Necklace in Brass 

Both measure approx: 2 in long X 0.5 inch diameter /  5cm long X 1.3cm dim

It's worth noting... that the kaleidoscope uses a polarized lens to create a rainbow effect within the chamber. ... With a teleidoscope, you look through the mirrors and the world around you becomes a kaleidoscope image.

The teleidoscope, a cousin to the typical kaleidoscope, has a clear marble at the end so it creates a kaleidoscope view of wherever you are looking. Unlike a kaleidoscope, a teleidoscope is not locked into a set color palate.

Enjoy the beauty of the full light color spectrum and bask in the imagination of wonder.  The viewing pleasure never ends! 


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