Ixchel Ceremonial Cacao

Ixchel Ceremonial Cacao


This very special 100% organic cacao powder is made by our Guatemalan teacher Jose Munoz, with the help of his mother, who grinds and does the mix.

Ingredients: 100% organic cacao powder, cayenne pepper and cinnamon. 

Ideal for making your morning energizer drink, a full ceremonial cacao brew, or adding to smoothies and other delicious treats.

Available sizes: 44 servings bag and 22 servings bag

As a plant medicine, cacao is: 
~ A gentle energy that invites through love
~ Easier to integrate (in fact cacao directly fosters integration as part of its medicine)
~ Safe to consume on your own
~ Minimal in it's side effects
~ Chock full of beneficial compounds & nutrients
~ Completely legal!

Enjoy this unique, flavor-filled cacao for healthy drinks and cacao ceremonies.

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