Homemade Witch’s Brew | Flower Water

Homemade Witch’s Brew | Flower Water


Made with love and by hand. Infused by 2 full cycles of the moon’s magic.

Ingredients: alcohol base, fresh and dried flowers, organic citrus peel, fresh and dried herbs, organic spices.

This magical blend will become your best friend. Spray it on your neck to release tension, down your chakras to activate protection, and around the four corners of your doors and windows to shield your home. Clear your crystals, cards, and healing spaces with it, and don’t forget to keep a bottle handy at your front door for entries and exits. Wipe your floors with it, anoint your pillows and bedding and allow it to be a powerful reminder of the witch in you.

Each batch is crafted with seasonal additions and changes and every bottle will be somewhat unique.

Every aspect of this magical potion is handmade, hand-bottled and prepared in house.

Please listen to your guidance and follow what feels best for you. Magic is guaranteed.

Thank you for shopping with us!