Healing Perfume Collection

Healing Perfume Collection


Yanapuma is really excited to bring you these amazing roll-on healing perfumes.

A constellation of rare precious aromatics sourced ethically from the Amazon rainforest to the Andes mountains. Healing perfumes intuited by ritual, ancient culture and ceremony.

All perfumes contain blends of 100% botanical tinctures, essential oils, resins and absolutes.

We have 6 options for you to choose from:

- Camino: Grounding and Centering
Top: white sage + clary sage | Heart: piri piri + motelilo roots + holy wood from the Peruvian altiplano | Base: sandalwood + frankincense.

- Jungle Rose Mariri: Amazonian Xylopia, a flowering distant relative of the magnolia tree.
Top: lemon custard + overripe fruits | Heart: spicy honeyed lushness of rose + cumaceba tree bark’s powdery balsamic richness | Base: piri piri

- Luna: Heavenly jasmine reveals its creamy cool lushness under moonlight.
Top: jasmine + musk + pink lotus | Heart: sandalwood + balsamic holy wood + wild vetiver + motelillo | Base: pink grapefruit + sicilian lemon + bergamot

- Picaflor: Iridescent hummingbird spirit, flitting from blossom to blossom.
Top: green tea + jasmine + rose | Heart: amazonian roots + tobacco + cedar | Base: verbena + spicy nutmeg + yellow mandarin.

- Tierra: Deep Grounding
Top: amber amazonian piri piri | Heart: motelilo root + musk + saffron | Base: smoky puerh tea + mountain laurel + lichen.

- Santo: Intoxicating and elevating.
Top: Blood orange + bergamot | Heart: Turkish and Egyptian rose + frankincense + smoky Lapsong souchong + fire-roasted seashells + Herbal rosewood leaf + holy basil + lavender absolute + rounded with vanilla | Base: dark Laotian Agarwood and balsamic Amazonian Aristolochia.

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