Hand-Beaded Trays

Hand-Beaded Trays


Gorgeous Hand-Beaded Circular Trays

These beautiful, function trays can be used as a proper tray to hold items, as a display on a coffee table or dining table, used to arrange appetizers in a fun way, a cocktail tray with pizazz or simple for the mail and keys!

Display these stunning trays as wall decor, individually or multiples look great spread throughout your home space!

3 size options to choose from:

Small: 12 inches x 12 inches x 1 inches 

Medium: 13.75 inches x 13.75 inches x 1 inches 

Large: 15 inches  x 15 inches x 1 inches 

Style and ethics should always go hand in hand. As it's the case for these artisan-made beaded trays which are created in a process that is carefully vetted for materials and labor conditions.

With each purchase, you are supporting positive social impact around the world!

Made in Indonesia

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