Genesis by Sebastião Salgado

Genesis by Sebastião Salgado


“In GENESIS, my camera allowed nature to speak to me. And it was my privilege to listen.” ― Sebastião Salgado.

Salgado created a collection of images showing us nature, animals, and indigenous peoples in breathtaking beauty. Mastering the monochrome with an extreme deftness to rival the virtuoso Ansel Adams, Salgado brings black-and-white photography to a new dimension; the tonal variations in his works, the contrasts of light and dark, recall the works of Old Masters such as Rembrandt and Georges de La Tour.

What does one discover in GENESIS? The animal species and volcanoes of the Galápagos; penguins, sea lions, cormorants, and whales of the Antarctic and South Atlantic; Brazilian alligators and jaguars; African lions, leopards, and elephants; the isolated Zo’é tribe deep in the Amazon jungle; the Stone Age Korowai people of West Papua; nomadic Dinka cattle farmers in Sudan; Nenet nomads and their reindeer herds in the Arctic Circle; Mentawai jungle communities on islands west of Sumatra; the icebergs of the Antarctic; the volcanoes of Central Africa and the Kamchatka Peninsula; Saharan deserts; the Negro and Juruá rivers in the Amazon; the ravines of the Grand Canyon; the glaciers of Alaska... and beyond.

Having dedicated so much time, energy, and passion to the making of this work, Salgado calls GENESIS “my love letter to the planet.”

Editorial Reviews:

“GENESIS will further cement Salgado’s reputation as one if the most significant photographers of his age.” ― The Daily Telegraph

“GENESIS... a biblical title that suits the majesty of his subjects and offers the work as a beautifully articulated prayer for preservation and respect.” ― The Los Angeles Times

“...a tribute to the diversity of planet earth.” ― The Wall Street Journal

“A true book for the ages.” ― TIME

“GENESIS honors its biblical antecedent… there could be no more powerful reminder of all that we stand to lose.” ― The New York Times

Dimensions: 9.96 x 1.65 x 14.45 inches