Fractal Future Eye Collection

Fractal Future Eye Collection


Take a peek into our collective future with an intimate collection of symbolic lenses; designed with optical-quality crystal cut glass in order to make wildly creative, multifaceted visual effects. 

Each design stimulates the imagination and reminds us that we all co-create the world around us with our thoughts; that with each thought we plant seeds for the world to come.

Choose from: 

  • Small Eye: Hand Carved Brass. 32" Ultra suede necklace. 
  • Large Eye: Handmade brass and perfect for experimental image creation / photographic effects / sun gazing. 25mm Optical quality lotus crystal lens. Jump Ring / Horizontal hanging. 32" Ultra suede necklace. 
  • Sun: Wearable Optical Instrument with 18mm Crystal Camera Lens. Very limited edition brass Sun Catcher with a portal crystal.  33" Ultra-Suede Necklace
  • Venus: Hand Carved Brass. Custom Lotus Flower Crystal. 40mm Crystal Lens. 33" Ultra Suede Necklace
  • Aurora Boreal: Hand Carved Brass. 32" Ultra suede necklace. 

Handmade in Los Angeles with the highest quality in heart, thought and deed.

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