Flying Fox Skull with Labradorite

Flying Fox Skull with Labradorite

Style: Fox Skull with Labradorite

Yanapuma is proud to carry the artisanal work of one of the witchy-est mother/daughter duo's from Oregon. They design each unique piece in the tradition of our feminine ancestors who created beauty for both the sacred and mundane in life.

Flying foxes live in communities and each community represents a family. This totem animal teaches the advantages of living in a community. No matter if you have a large family, small number of people, a group of friends, classmates and colleagues.

    They specialize in using sacred Earth stones, semi precious gems, crystals and other natural elemental items from nature such as bark, driftwood, fungi, leaves, etc... to incorporate into their designs. 

    Electro formed with copper and crystal clusters, these pendant necklaces will provide power and purpose to your world. 

    These one of a kind beautiful necklaces, are made with of resin and copper, adorned with raw earth stones and in some cases crystal crowns.

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