Engraved Prints by Jainite Silvestre

Engraved Prints by Jainite Silvestre


This intimate collection is by Jainite Silvestre, Mexican printmaking artista extraordinaire.

We love her work inspired by the dream of the goddesses and gods born from pre-hispanic culture.

The power of her work interweaves between the lines. Each cut tells a story that evokes a walk through life, imagined and real.

Her printmaking and engraving studies were at the University of Guanajuato, where she has shared her mythological magic and lived since 2009.

Every print is diligently hand crafted and printed in the old custom ways. 

Every piece is classically FRAMED and is included in the price of the print. 

We have several beautiful designs for you to choose:

- Mother Nest (message us for size and frame)

- Trinidad: 15 x 21 inches / 40 x 55cm

- Ofrenda: 20 x 27 inches / 50 x 70 cm

- Nayarit: 20 x 27 inches / 50 x 70 cm

- Mayahuel Oh Mayahuel: 11 x 15 inches / 29 x 39 cm

- La Pachamama: Image size: 7 inches / 18 cm diameter - Paper size: 11 x 15 inches / 29 x 39 cm

- Fishermen's Land: 20 x 27 inches

Thank you for shopping with us!