Vintage African Ebony Masks

Vintage African Ebony Masks


Yanapuma has travelled to North Africa to acquire these beautifully vintage hand carved Tribal Masks in solid Ebony wood. 

We have both a King and a Queen available and are approximately 14 x 8 inches

They can be purchased alone or as a complete set 

For the African art lovers these masks are stunning individually or hung together as a set. The ebony, although a very hard wood, is surprisingly light in weight with meticulously fine details carved throughout.

Like all Yanapuma Shop items, these masks are not mass produced but hand carved by artisans in Northern Africa. Each piece takes many weeks to carve such an awesome and magnificently detailed masterpiece.

Ebony wood is becoming more rare and is known for it's finely-textured, smooth finish when polished, making it very valuable as an ornamental wood. In Africa they call it “Mpingo” wood and is highly favored but becoming difficult to acquire.

These types of carvings in Ebony have a long history with pieces found in “Ancient Egyptian” burial tombs and beyond. We cannot say for sure how old these are but they are sure to inspire you and bring a sense of royalty to any environment. 

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