Born along the river Jordão in Acre, Brazil, Txana Masha Huni Kuin carries the title of ordained shaman and the subsequent responsibility handed down from his elders.

The feather headdress is part of his identity and represents his people. When I asked him who made it for him... he laughed and firmly replied, "I did of course. I hunted these birds and used my skill with integrity to infuse who I am into it".

He and others like him have become a powerful force behind political alliances between indigenous leaders and environmentally engaged metropolitan national and international associations and individuals.

The role he and his people play in this ever expanding shamanistic movement can be partially explained by their remarkable openness and capacity of articulation with the outside world through shamanistic rituals and artistic exchange that characterizes their cosmopolitics. 

Txana, as we informally call him, is a shining light from the Amazon and dear friend to Yanapuma.

Color Photographic Print 12 x 18 inches

Custom size prints and framing available upon request.

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