Amazonian Hapé | Rapeh

Amazonian Hapé | Rapeh


From the indigenous point of view, hapé is a sacred medicine with profound healing effects. Hapé is made from different medicinal plants for different purposes, is a laborious process to make under ceremonial context -from gathering to cooking and processing- and may takes weeks to properly craft by a highly trained Pajé (shaman).

Today, tribes in the Amazon basin continue to use hapé in all aspects of life and only recently have they been open to sharing with us as a means to pass on the knowledge and application of their sacred medicines for the next generations.

Choose from: Nukini, Yunu, Rosas or Tete Pawa

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These rare offerings are a preparation of powdered medicinal herbs, often mixed with the locally grown tobacco plant, Nicotiana Rustica base and taken through the nose. This practice is pre-Columbian and first observed among Brazilian indigenous tribes.

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