Barro Altar Collection

Barro Altar Collection


Sculptural pieces made with clay from Atzompa, as well as local clay collected by artisan Martha Alicia Jimenez Sanchez and her son, on the mountain near their home in Papalutla, México.

Each piece reminds us of the value of our emotions: constant self love, root, matrix and fire.

Altar Goddesses: These artwork pieces explore themes of healing, beauty in rupture, repair, and reconnection of a woman’s body as a woman and as a mother.

Earth Amulets:

  • Guarda Hojas: Offering to the memory of what we’re all looking for and hope to find all of its pieces before the dawn. A protection piece.
  • Puentes: A call to all sisters from around the world to listen to our voices and join together to create a bridge to the future. 

Her pieces speak intimately of the artist's relationship with her body, her femininity, the Moon, little goddesses for the altar and the traditional knowledge inherited from her grandmother. These are built by hand and burned in a traditional oven.

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