Luxury Scented + Coconut-Soy Candles

Luxury Scented + Coconut-Soy Candles


All-natural coconut wax with cotton wicks candles, producing a non-toxic, clean, and high-quality burn.

These luxury premium fragrances blend seamlessly at high levels of concentration with the natural, fully biodegradable wax.

Full candle has approximately 100 hours of burn time. Wicks made from cotton.

BAMBOO 13: A crisp bamboo, that releases freshness, simplicity, and elegance, gives the perfect combination of sparkling citrus and earthy scents. Mixed with rich honey-like, dewy green aromas and a light floral undertone. 

OPENING: crisp bamboo, sparkling citrus 
HEART: jasmine blossom, dewy green leaves
FINISH: warm woods, musk

GARDENIA 57: True gardenia petals that symbolize joy, sophistication and secret love. An intensive sweet floral, yet silky aroma with sheer garden woods that settles like an exotic memory.

OPENING: lush gardenia petals, bright lemon, peach
HEART: sweet honeysuckle blossom, freesia
FINISH: sheer garden woods musk

SANTAL: A gentle, warm amber mixed with a creamy Italian lemon scent giving a leather accord and a touch of soft suede. Has properties of calming the mind and can be used for aromatherapy.

OPENING: Italian lemon, crisp pomelo, neroli 
HEART: golden saffron, soft suede, patchouli
FINISH: warm amber, white woods, fig leaf, leather accord 

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