Clay and Leather Ceremonial Collection

Clay and Leather Ceremonial Collection

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Yanapuma brings you the ancestral Incan Pachamama Offering Bowls and Chicha Vessels.  The ceremony of offering to the Pachamama, is of ancestral origin to the Incas.  The purpose is to return to Mother Earth what she has given us.  The rituals are destined for the Apus (masculine aspect of nature) and the Pacha Mama (feminine aspect of nature).  

The small village in central Peru of Patahuasi makes each piece from local clay, lining them with sheepskin from animals raised by their village.  The PachaMama Pot is used as offering with ingredients placed inside....coca leaves, sweets and cookies. The tall Chica Vessel is used traditionally used in ceremony to drink Chica (a drink of fermented corn to promote strong energies) to express gratitude for all the good things that God Sun and Mother Earth have given.  

Reasons to work with these offerings are for health, cleaning of bad energy, stability, and family growth.  Each piece is one of a kind.

Please note, these are organic yet decorative - not for consumption usage


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