Dignity by Dana Gluckstein

Dignity by Dana Gluckstein


Yanapuma Shop carries a variety of photographic offerings on all the places and people we are passionate about and Dana Gluckstein's  DIGNITY: In Honor of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples is no different.

DIGNITY's power, artistry, and impassioned call to action make it a historic book in support of Indigenous Peoples who are among the world's most impoverished and oppressed inhabitants.

The inspirational text is intended to give a fuller awareness of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and helped create a tipping point for President Obama to endorse the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples in 2010 in association with Amnesty International for their 50th anniversary.  

Archbishop Desmond Tutu commented,

"The Indigenous Peoples of the world have a gift to give that the world needs desperately, this reminder that we are made for harmony, for interdependence. If we are ever to prosper, it will only be together...

Dana's work helps us to truly see, not just appearances, but essences, to see as God sees us, not just the physical form, but also the luminous soul that shines through us." 

To read more about Dana and her important work in the world, check out her BIO here. 

As another option, we carry a collection of greeting cards with images from DIGNITY sold in a box of 6. 

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