Woodland Creatures Sticker Collection

Woodland Creatures Sticker Collection


This beautiful Woodland Creatures Sticker Collection is an elegant blend of flora, fauna, and geometric design.

Available designs: 

- The majestic Floral Butterfly, framed by pink poppies, is a great gift for floral lovers and entomology fans.

The Dragonfly, complemented by radiant yellow florals, is a refined, stylish addition to anything from water bottles to car bumpers. A perfect gift for anyone from outdoor enthusiasts to stationary hobbyists.

- The cute Floral Bee contrasts vibrant red poppies for a gorgeous gift for nature lovers, apiarists, and anyone looking for fun accessories.

- The Magical Mushrooms are elegant on just about any surface, such as suitcases, water bottles, and laptops! A great gift for fungi fans and mystic types.

- The Baby Bear and Mushrooms bring the outside in.

Fabulous Fox is a symbol of wisdom, and to let their wisdom help direct you, can be a good way to find peace with your actions. Some people find that a fox crossing their path is an omen of good luck.

The Mystic Moon adds an iridescent shine to all of your favorite stuff, such as skateboards, water bottles, and laptops! A gorgeous gift for your local space cadet!

Durable vinyl protects your sticker from scratches, water, and sunlight.

Approx. Size: 3.5 inches x 4 inches

Made in United States

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