Shipibo Painted Pottery Collection

Shipibo Painted Pottery Collection


Yanapuma has travelled to the deepest regions in the Peruvian Amazon to bring back some of the most unique pottery ever created. With deep symbology and timeless artistic endeavour, these pieces are truly one of a kind.

This collection includes two very rare vintage pieces along with stunning offeringings from modern artisans carrying on the lineage of their forbearers. 

The antique works are early polychrome painted Shipibo Olla, likely dating back at least 50 years. With bold geometric painted patterns along with very fine lines. Their condition is good and quite nice for vessels from this period. Minor rim chips, surface erosion and areas of paint loss and fading, but all original. Intact with no breaks, cracks or repairs. These are wonderful examples with obvious signs of heavy indigenous tribal use.

Currently, the Shipibo-Conibo women make beadwork and various textiles, but are best known for their elaborately designed pottery. Decorated with maze-like red and black geometric patterns, these ceramics were traditionally made for use in the home but in recent years the expanding tourist market has provided many households with additional income through the sale of their pots.

Support the Yanapuma Mission and indulge in one of these special artistic gems.


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