Ofrenda Visionary Art Prints

Ofrenda Visionary Art Prints


This Visionary Art Collection comes to us from up and coming Colombian artisan Jeisson Castillo. His work aims to educate using inspired images he lived and learned amongst in the jungle and its forest inhabitants. 

A place with history, myth and living traditions that cross dimensions on a daily basis. 

Each piece is a highly crafted reproduction from the original painting printed on museum grade moab rag paper. We offer framed and unframed options. 

If you are enthralled by this work, check out the journals and games collection of his work that we carry.

PRINTS 1/ 100 

  • Curacion del mundo 30x38 cm
  • Mujer Indígena 33x40 cm
  • Canto a la luna de la mujer que vuela 20x30 cm
  • Llamado del paramo 22x22 cm 
  • Madre de Jaguar 30x45 cm
  • Fiesta de las aves 40x40 cm
  • Tigre Capisero 41x55 cm
  • Mamitas Kindi 36x36 cm
  • Maloca Tepui de los Jaguares de Orión 38x20cm
  • Seneca Panther of Northamerica 

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