Willian Chincunque

Wilian is indigenous of the Cämentsá Biyá people. Born in Sibundoy-Putomayo Colombia, he comes from afamily of traditional artisans whohave been working to spread the Cämentsáculture from generation togeneration in the trade and techniques of manual weaving on vertical looms,the jewelry in beads and seeds, the carving, fabrics and natural manualpaints.Wilian was the first in his community to apply the technique ofdecorating and plating beads in traditional masks and other objects, atechnique that over the years he has been perfecting and innovating.At firstusing only traditional shapes and figures, he combined and transformed theminto new designs. His art comes fromspiritual and mental visions hereceived from his work with the sacred plant "yagé", a healing remedy in thecommunity.He is a true artist and medicine man that travels the world toteach his traditions.