Saturday November 19th

Ecstatic Dance & Breath Journey

Liberate your Body & Free Your Soul
If you love music, movement & breathwork, or you’re curious about experiencing them together, come join a community of heart-centered, like-minded souls for a night of cosmic dance & breathwork.

This transformational night joins the cathartic, fun & healing experience of free-form dance followed by a gentle YIN breath practice (laying down) that deeply moves pranic energy alkalizes & oxygenates the body, boosts the immune system, helps rewire your brain, supports deep healing mentally/physically/emotionally/spiritually... & so much more!

Celebrate & honor all that’s mystical in your life!

This evening is facilitated by Andrea Dominguez (Certified Somatic Coach / NLP & Mental and Emotional Release ® Therapy Master Practitioner / Breathwork).

Arrival 4:30pm | Activation begins 5:00pm

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Written by Megan Schoenbachler