Peruvian Medicine Rattle Collection

Peruvian Medicine Rattle Collection


Beautiful Peruvian Gourd Rattle, with the elemental animals of Earth, air, fire, and water.... choose your totem.

Yanapuma delivers a collection of ceremonial rattles that are handcrafted deep in the Amazon Jungle of Peru from native gourds and the durable wood of the chonta tree.

The images are etched into the surface and represent the beauty and power of the plant and fauna, animals and spirits. Each rattle has it own sound and is a unique piece of art.

We offer three approximate sizes: 

S/   9-10" inches in length X  1-2" inches wide

M/  9-10" inches in length X  2-3" inches wide

L/  12-13" inches in length X  4-5" inches wide


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