Yanapuma Kuripe Stone Pipe

Yanapuma Kuripe Stone Pipe


Traditional handmade Kuripe pipes are used for medicinal snuff applications for both health and ritual.

This beautiful handmade applicator made with a stone from around the sacred site of Machu Picchu is a special way to hold your own medicine meditation and intended to be used with your favorite Rapé medicine.  

This piece is handmade with love.

The use of medicinal snuffs from local forest tobacco, ash and a variety of forest herbs and plants has long been documented within indigenous communities. In recent years this practice has expanded all over the world and is becoming commonplace in the realm of household wellness treatments. 

Yanapuma supports the tradition of organic and native healing remedies and considers the widespread knowledge to the outside world a blessing. 

May you find your own form of healing from the natural world. 

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