Mama Chaska | Yanapuma Cacao Bars

Mama Chaska | Yanapuma Cacao Bars


Yanapuma has collaborated on a collection of custom cacao bar creations.
We are thrilled to share MAMA CHASKA, our first offering which honors the revival of the 'almost' forgotten Peruvian goddess of light, Mama Chaska.

Her many gifts inspire the seeds to sprout and protect us as we mature. She communicates via clouds and we welcome her loving energy this Spring...  

This bar is an energetic blend of flavorful hand picked organic cacao, sacha inchi nuts from Putumayo - which is unlike any nut you have ever tasted- raw cacao nibs from Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and pure Guajira sea salt.

The taste is a distinctive earthy tone harmonized with uplifting sea salt and sensual cacao. 

Other ingredients: Organic cacao mass, cocoa butter from organic cocoa beans and cane sugar.

You will definitely love it, but don't believe us... discover it for yourself! 

Thank you for shopping with us!