Waorani Woven Art Pieces

Waorani Woven Art Pieces


Deep in the Amazon live the Waorani Tribe, in one of the most extensive indigenous territories in all of Ecuador and a community fighting to preserve its customs and own way of living.

Yanapuma is proud to have met one of the powerful women standing up for her people and traded with her for these rare woven pieces. 

The Waorani are a community with their own language and culture that is shared through the oral tradition of songs, through ancestral dances, and countless stories about its native ways of life. Wao women -as they are called- are essential to the culture, since they guard the secrets to life and express them in the form of songs. 

Each one of their pieces is unique, since each woman weaves with her own feelings and you will not find these special pieces elsewhere. 

Add one piece to your world or enjoy the entire collection. 

Just like the Wema bird, which weaves nests for its young, Wao women weave chambira palm and make special crafts representing their role in their own culture. As they work with the chambira, they also build strong ties; relationships of trust and respect with one another, their families, and their home in the rainforest. 

We can learn much from these simple yet profound practices. 


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