Vintage Kimono | Shipibo Embroidered Sun Moon

Vintage Kimono | Shipibo Embroidered Sun Moon

Size: 3/4 LENGTH

Hand Embroidered Shipibo Conibo Designs on Vintage Kimono Collection is the brainchild of Yanapuma Founder Megan Schoenbachler. 

The deep Peruvian Amazon is home to the Shipibo Conibo. Their traditional weaving style - called Kene - is known worldwide for its mystic symbology and reverence for nature and the unseen spirit world. 

This originally designed robe is crafted for all bodies. It is luxurious, comfortable and stylish. Perfect for every occasion, from home to ceremonial attire, a trip to the shops, a dance party or a lunch with old friends... 

This three quarter length covering is a one of a kind hand embroidered piece from families that have been weaving their vibrations into wearable art for generations. 

*Vintage kimono has organic signs of wear

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