The North American Indian by Edward S. Curtis

The North American Indian by Edward S. Curtis


The complete portfolios of the North American Indian is the work of Edward S. Curtis. and a passion of ours to promote important literary pieces that captivate as well as educate. 

Over the course of 30 years Edward S. Curtis exhaustively documented America’s first inhabitants. Follow along on his visits to 80 American Indian tribes from the Mexican border to the Bering Strait—working up to 16 hours a day to gain the trust required for an insiders documentation of their traditional way of life as it was already beginning to pass away.

This unabridged, hardback edition gathers Curtis’s entire portfolio into one breathtaking volume.

“This book is in every sense a life’s work. Curtis left us a collection of immense historical significance, with an outstanding artistic integrity.” - Photo Art International

We highly recommend this valuable look inside what has been lost and what remains of a vast cultural heritage that we can stand by in solidarity and support.