Synchromystic Oils | IMMUNITY 444 mg

Synchromystic Oils | IMMUNITY 444 mg

Blend: IMMUNITY Full Spectrum Oil

Yanapuma is proud to carry the collection of visionary earth based herbal products hand crafted on the isle of Kauai, Hawaii. These very unique items carry potent healing within each medicinal blend. 

This divine blend is a synergistic blend of potent Earth medicine made from full spectrum Whole Plant Complex oils combined with Agarikon, Reishi, & Chaga. 

These fungi are treasured longevity tonics and adaptogenic superfoods. 
Adaptogens are know to help repair the body from excessive stress and imbalance, as well as restore the mind & body from illness and deficiency.

This Synergistic Blend of Full Spectrum Whole Plant Complex Oil is equivalent to 50 Servings per bottle.


Benefits - Immune Booster -Longevity Tonic -Antioxidant-Antiviral/Antifungal-Anti-Inflammatory -Respiratory Health.

Ingredients -Full Spectrum Whole Plant Complex Oil, California Agarikon (Fomitopsis officinalis) “Elixir of Long Life”, California Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) “Immortality Mushroom”, Alaskan Chaga (Inonotus obliquus) and MCT Coconut Oil.