Synchromystic Oil | ANCIENT HAIR ESSENCE

Synchromystic Oil | ANCIENT HAIR ESSENCE

Blend: Ancient Essence Hair Oil

Yanapuma is proud to carry the collection of visionary earth based herbal products hand crafted on the isle of Kauai, Hawaii. These very unique items carry potent healing within each medicinal blend. 

A hypnotic blend of luscious oils and ethereal botanical essences to infuse your sacred strands with prayer. Woven from Egyptian herbal recipes to inspire lucid awareness and connection to the archetypal realms of plant medicine. 

Intended to be used as an every maintenance oil, or massaged into the scalp, and left in for an overnight hair treatment.

The equivalent of 25 servings per 50ml @ 1000 MG per day - 25,000 MG DHA per bottle  - 250 MG EPA per bottle

IngredientsArgan Oil, Avocado oil, Baobab oil, Meadowfoam Seed oil, Essence of Frankincense (Dalzeleii & Hojari) & Myrrh, Black Cumin Seed Oil, Essential oils of Juniper, Sandalwood and Blue Lotus.


Made with Love on Kauai ∞ Ethically Sourced Botanical Medicine