Synchromystic Ritual Frankincense

Synchromystic Ritual Frankincense


Yanapuma is proud to carry ritual Frankincense blends to support your sublime endeavours into the sacred. Frankincense has been used as an incense, an essence and a healing resin since time immemorial. 

Great for your own personal usage or to give as a traditional gift to show affection, gratitude and consideration for wellbeing. 

Includes 1 glass vile full of chosen blend which make for decorative and practical storage for your pure Frankincense resin chunks. 

Let this sacred smoke fill your space cleansing your field, setting grounded intention..

IngredientsBoswellia Sacra / Hojari, Oman & Boswellia Carterii, Somalia 

Properties of Frankincense Activating Heart, Throat, Third Eye & Crown Chakra 

Sourced With Intention - Fair Trade