Slow Crafted Slippers

Slow Crafted Slippers


Cozy wool slippers made by hand by independent artisans in Patagonia.

Warm, comfortable and made to last. With no factory in sight, each pair of these House Shoes are handcrafted slowly by a network of women from the region in traditional fashion.

With locally-sourced wool, vegetable saddle leather, and a QR code that transparently tracks each wool slipper back to the artisan group that made it; these wool slippers get down to the root of what makes authentic craftsmanship so remarkable.

Available in 2 colors + 3 unizex sizes:

Tobacco Brown or Matte black Soles

S, M, L - Sizing chart shown to choose your perfect fit

Made from locally-sourced raw sheep wool and organically (vegetable) tanned saddle leather.

Purchase of these slippers directly empowers communities to maintain their unique craft and continue to plant native trees in Patagonia.

Sustainable and Climate Positive.

Rugged Warmth for Active Home-Life

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