Shipibo Ceremony Vessels

Shipibo Ceremony Vessels


Yanapuma has travelled to the deepest regions in the Peruvian Amazon to bring back some of the most unique pottery ever created. With deep symbology and timeless artistic endeavour, these pieces are truly one of a kind.

Hand painted by artist Gloria Morari who resides in the Shipibo village of San Fransisco, in the Ucayali region of Peru. This is the home of many small indigenous Shipibo villages still living in the old ways.

Generally speaking, the Shipibo-Conibo women make beadwork and various textiles, but are best known for their elaborately designed pottery. These pieces are made with Amazonian earth, kiln fired, and decorated with maze-like red and black geometric patterns. 

Traditionally, these types of ceramics were made for use in the home but in recent years the expanding tourist market has provided many households with additional income through the sale of their pots and equally important kept the practice alive.

It's our mission to support indigenous artforms to remain in high demand, so we travel to Gloria's home as often as possible to bring back the best of her creations......every item is hand painted and wheel thrown by Gloria and her family.

These ceremonial pieces stand 28 inches tall by 18 inches wide and exhibit elaborate storytelling. These are collector items. 


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