Secrets of The Talking Jaguar by Martin Prechtel


A leading thinker, writer and teacher in the search for the Indigenous soul in all people, Martín Prechtel is a dedicated student of eloquence, history, language and an ongoing fresh approach.

This book is Martin's first of many offerings and Yanapuma is SO grateful for his ongoing influence. We believe this is a MUST read in every seeker's library and pray that this shining gem awakens something inside you as it has for us! 

In his native New Mexico, Martín teaches at his international school Bolad’s Kitchen: a hands on historical and spiritual immersion into language, music, ritual, farming, cooking, smithing, natural colors, architecture, animal raising, clothing, tools, story, grief and humor. This school's mission is to help people from many lands, cultures and backgrounds to remember and retain the majesty of their diverse origins while cultivating the flowering of integral culture in the present to grow a time of hope beyond our own.